Teukie said Yesung ‘can’t be cool’ cuz he angry at his brother(Jongjin) for cancel the meeting with him and go dating with girlfriend lol He was super angry and said”isn’t u got appointment with me 1st!!!is girlfriend that nice??!!! important than ur hyung???!!!!” blah blah blah~until Jongjin felt sorry to him loool

Then Teukie said Yesung:” Even me also think you are not like a hyung”

Yesung:”I was like that?(his reaction so funny xD) but Leeteuk ssi..you can’t say like this..Actually we backed from Taiwan yesterday”

LT:” from China~”

YS:”ah from China Shanghai..after we done the concert..when we back to Korea..leeteuk ssi asked me ‘yesung ah..today hyung still got some time..do u wanna go to buy cloth with me? (Teukie said that is the 1st time he asked yesung go shopping together~kk) Yesung said actually he wanted to go exercise cuz got less and less day to do but because teukie said like that, and he’s got a soft heart so he said ok~ They decided to got out right after they back to dorm because they got no much time . Yesung done preparing quickly and went to look for Teukie. but Teukie asked him to go out 1st cuz he felt his car is dirty so he wanna wash his car. Yesung felt a bit confuse when he heard teukie’s saying .He went out alone and walk around himself. Teukie called him 20minutes later. He came. but after 10 minutes Teukie said “ah..so cold…very cold..”and suddenly said he doesn’t want to look for cloth and he wanna wash his car, then he just left. Then yesung was left alone. Yesung felt that he really can’t understand the situation so he left a voice message to Teukie today morning.

lol Teukie didn’t reply him. He replied it after a day passed(still today). // Yesung said him” you are not like a hyung right?”

Teukie :”yesung ssi sent me the voice message after a day passed..”

YS:”is it? anyway u r not like a hyung” Teukie:” do you know you are relly childish now?ㅋㅋ” Yesung still keep saying” you are also not like a hyung~”

Teukie” so childishㅋㅋ” (lol yesung u r really childish xDD) Then teukie said ” because there were too many people recognize me than i expect~

(Yesung:”only 4 persons~4~”) I felt burden LOL at the end Yesung’s conclusion is “elder brother is also narrow-minded” lol