This post belongs to Alice – the ex-admin of SJW. I love this entry, somehow, reading her journey to make Teukie acknowledge her make me feel a little closer to him too, lol

► Fan since june 2006 with ‘U’, I never changed fandom or forgot about them since. I knew Heechul and Kibum as actors from predebut but it’s only later that I really got into them. At first, mostly a distraction and help for smile against real life events, it bits by bits turned into something much more important to me, as I realised on 2007 April 19th with the car accident of Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong. Even though I’m not studying in Korea for them but to complete my tourism studies, they are still one of the main reason why I chose this country over another one.
► Unconditional love for the 13 boys, I do support Super Junior M and its 7 members, yes I like Henry et Zhoumi.
► Still, there’s one spot special in my heart for one special person from this band. And as much as I love them all, whatever can be in my soul about him is totally different than the other ones.. I can tend to be biased and onlyhim. 박정수.

► First picture I saw, firt and only guy I noticed in the bunch of 12 at that time. I never stopped supported him in whatever he was doing since then. Wholeheartedly. I’m not blind, and I know when he makes a mistake or say something stupid, but nobody is perfect, and he has never done anything to the point of being shameful or having regrets.
► April 19th 2007 was a revelation for me, unfortunately it had to be.
► It’s not a lovestory, I do not wish or picture me as his girlfriend or anything more. It’s not about sex or anything that sometimes I find degrating even from fans… It’s special, like him, I feel like I understand him, like I feel his pain when something goes wrong, it’s like a brother or a soulmate.
► …’December 2007, I see you for the first time, at sukira, and the 13 boys perform galjeung and count for new year with me…’ At that time, you don’t really see me.’
► …’June and july 2008, everything get faster. Letters, window of the car opened for me, performances of Yoriwang… And of course the fansigns. “Oh, bonjour~ Alice!” I won’t ever forget it. super show in thailand, your hand holding mine and you acknowledge me on your cy, 1000 days anniversary another public acknowledgement…’
► …’January 2009 to now, super show encore, sukira, fansign… sorry sorry promotion… you haven’t forgotten, either my face or my name. I can now support you day by day and stay close. I can contact you and give you messages when I need to… ‘
► …’May 2009, hug event… with you of course, and in front of the camera, I felt sorry for Sungmin as I had to make a choice but… It was probably the best hug I ever shared.’

► …’June 2009, 2 more fansigns with you but I still can’t express myself in Korea with you, why can I with Siwon or Kangin but not you.. ? You are trying to tell me things that I can’t understand, you even tell me to go join a KBS tv show and I can barely answer.. What is wrong with me? ……… But still your smile is always there, and I see you becoming closer or like that very first time last year opening your window to wave at me, I’ll never be tired of this, I hope you will never stop.’
► …’June 2009 again, and a sukira, you speak about french language and the staff realise we are you start asking us question in Korean and to teach you things in french… But also, before we got to present ourself, you already say my name. “2 of our preet french fans are here… Alice and” hyukjae: “Isabelle!” .. And later as Hyukjae is destroying french language, you stop him saying “sorry Alice! Sorry!!” Thank you for the cuteness ..<3
► …’July 2009, super show… Smiling so much.. thanking french fans.. Holding my hand twice.. This will 3 nights to remember and cherish forever..
► …’August 2009, i make my debuts on tv and you say to the other fans you are proud of me, you even try to go show off to kang HoDong… I have never been so happy of someone being proud of me before..
► …’Now every time we see each others you smile at me.. And I’m so scared, so scared…. That one day all this could be over.’

The last sentence makes me cry, the day when all of this is over is not so far away.