Leeteuk: On Mother’s Day, I had in fact earlier gone to an overseas performance, and I wasn’t feeling very good, so I took a trip to the hospital. My mother had come to the dorm, and made food for me. When I was eating, she suddenly rang, and said “Mother’s Day has come, shouldn’t you have sent me a text or earlier said ‘Happy Mother’s Day’?”. In fact, I had already planned to go shopping, eat food and that sort of thing together with her when I returned to Korea, but since I wasn’t feeling very well, I couldn’t do these things. I had all along been thinking “What would it be best for me to do~”, and when I suddenly heard my mother say these kinds of things, I unconsciously felt irritable and said “In my heart I already had these kinds of ideas!” But my mother said these words: “I know (sick of it)”. Later at about half-past eleven, at lunchtime, I had already eaten lunch, and I called my sister. My mother said “Are you still eating at this time?”, so at about twelve we went to a grill restaurant to eat meat. When it started, I was still feeling full. Later my mother ate and said “Ah, this is delicious”, and in fact in my memory I couldn’t remember drinking wine together with my mother, so when were eating our grilled meat I said “Mom, how would it be if we drank a glass of white wine?”~ We also drank wine, and my mother can’t really drink, so after she drank a glass her face flushed red. She said “Ah~ My mood is really good, living and eating and drinking wine together with you~”, so after we came back, I sent her a message saying “When the next Mother’s Day comes, I want to do even better. I’m sorry that I can’t convey my feelings very well (?).”

Credit: 凝幻 & Kata1bates @ twitter.com/variYEty