Teuk dislikes being touched

Yesung: Didn’t we go to Indonesia, then when we were in the car Leeteuk-ssi got angry? What happened?
Leeteuk: Somebody touched me.
Yesung: Wasn’t it because we woke you?
Leeteuk: No, somebody touched my body, and then I woke up with an “Oof!” at once, I don’t like other people touching me.
Yesung: I do it because I’m happy~ Happy, so I touch other people (touching Leeteuk’s back) Leeteuk-ssi don’t you think so?
Leeteuk: I don’t think so (being happy and touching other people)
Yesung: After our concerts, it’s like you do to Siwon-ssi~
Leeteuk: Who can be like (you), “Jungsu-ah Jungsu-ah! Park Jungsu!” (incessantly patting DJ Yesung’s back)
Yesung: Aren’t I happy like this, “Jungsu-ah Jungsu-ah! Park Jungsu!” (incessantly patting DJ Leeteuk’s back)

Leeteuk: Anyway, I don’t like being like this (touching people), I’ve also said this to Yesung-ssi many times.
Yesung: Ah, you really have (pats Leeteuk’s chest) This is because I’m happy.
Leeteuk: You! (forcefully hits Yesung’s chest, Yesung: Ah!) So are you happy like this?
Yesung: How can I when you use so much force…

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Antis, don’t mess around with Teuk 

YeDJ said that ystd some women standing nearby talked about him rudely. so, Teuk stared at them… with wearing sunglasses ㅋㅋㅋ

Teuk said “I could do it cuz i wore a sunglasses.” ㅋㅋㅋ YeDJ said “Thank u for staring them with sunglasses instead of me.” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ LMAO

Teuk said tat he doesn’t have the patience for some ppl who talk abt celebrities w/o thinking >< when he sees them, he can’t stand

Teuk said “I don’t care what ppl talk about me, but when they talked carelessly about… Heechul-ssi or others, I couldn’t stand them.” ><

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